About me

Hey, I’m Pavla.

Prague-based writer, company content creator, aspiring global journalist and future-of-everything enthusiast.

Growing up, I’ve always envied the best storytellers such as George Orwell or Gabriel Garcia Marquez the incredible opportunity they had; to witness an exciting era of humanity and turn it into legacy for generations to come – until I realized that we, too, live in unprecedented times.

There is an undeniable shift in media narrative towards authenticity & understanding. Nowadays, the world is ready to listen to new leaders, diverse stories and complex messages. From startups, ecommerce, diplomacy and politics to migration, racism and gender gap, I always aim for my work to bring understanding, hope and practical implications.


Telling stories professionally for more than 10 years has led me to co-found a university magazine, work in content agencies, build newspaper from zero to 100 000 views monthly, lead teams of reporters and video makers, visit over 300 companies and interview more than 400 CEOs and successful individuals.


This platform is a playground, mine as well as yours, to share personal insights on our media journeys, discuss influential topics of our generation and document the ongoing change in the commercial world (workplace, company culture, leadership).

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But enough about me. Let's get creating!