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What if the news went deeper and further back than current events?

The ways millennials use journalism to break free from established patterns is getting more and more exciting. In ...
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“While my book was crushing it, I could barely walk.” Sweta Vikram on her deep personal odyssey

Remember the award-winning writer who was told by a topnotch New York agent that America wasn’t ready for ...
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Award-winning author Sweta Vikram: “An agent said that America was not ready for a happy immigrant story”

There are 2,2 million book titles being published worldwide each year, according to UNESCO. Sex and the City's ...
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Personal insights on my professional journey from local to global. 

A shift in journalism: My visit to Perspective Daily

Sometimes, all it takes is having a slight breakdown in a restaurant. “The media should leave people feeling ...
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Léčka jménem profese: Jsem OK, když chci každý půlrok měnit, co mám napsáno na vizitce?

Jsem jedna z těch šťastných, kdo už odmala měli jednu věc, která je bavila víc než cokoli jiného. Pro ...
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Hey, I’m Pavla.

Prague-based writer, company content creator, aspiring global journalist and future-of-everything enthusiast.

Growing up, I’ve always envied the best storytellers such as George Orwell or Gabriel Garcia Marquez the incredible opportunity to witness an exciting era of humanity and turn it into legacy for generations to come – until I realized that we, too, live in unprecedented times.